If you’ve recently bought into a mirrorless system, or are perhaps on the verge of investing in your first mirrorless camera, you might find yourself in a quandary as to what lenses to buy and knowing where your money is best spent. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to building up a selection of lenses that are well suited to your style of photography, and if you happen to be a photographer making the switch from DSLR to mirrorless, it’s you study your options carefully, as there’s often a lot of money at stake.

For many, the natural route into a new camera system is to sell or trade in any existing kit and start out by purchasing the zoom lens that’s sold as part of a bundle with the mirrorless camera you’ve chosen. While there’s nothing wrong with this approach, we are all likely at some stage to reach the limitations of working with a single lens. This can us into looking at what other lenses are available.

To give you a better idea of the finest lenses that are currently available for each mirrorless system, we set about the task of identifying the top three lenses we’ve been most impressed with, and that would be high on our wish list if we were buying into a mirrorless system for the first time. It should be that the recommendations we’ve made over the following pages are strictly subjective; alas, they won’t be the first choice for everyone, or meet all photographers’. That said, if you do choose to buy one or more lenses from those we endorse, we can confidently say you won’t be disappointed in your purchase and they will provide excellent service.

It was a latecomer to the full-frame mirrorless market, but since the arrival of its first two full-frame cameras, we’ve seen the selection of RF-mount lenses for the EOS R system grow steadily beyond the four lenses that were initially announced alongside the EOS R. It’ll take years, decades even, before the number of RF lenses exceeds the vast selection of EF-mount lenses has produced for its DSLRs, but already we’ve seen some superb examples.

With the company’s most advanced mirrorless camera – apparently days away from its official release, It has clearly set its sights on making sure it has a strong lineup of fast, premium lenses waiting in the wings. Three of finest RF lenses form what the manufacturer has branded its ‘trinity’ range, covering ultra-wide, standard and telephoto zoom ranges, for shooting in any situation from landscapes, portraits and sports, to interiors, fashion and cityscapes.

Photographers after a fast wideangle zoom are well served by the RF 15-35mm F2.8L IS USM (£2,299), which is a stunning example of its type. Filters and adapters are easy to attach via its 82mm thread and, like many of RF lenses, it benefits from a near-silent Nano USM motor and control ring that lets you to take control of ISO, aperture or shutter speed on the fly directly from the lens.

The finest standard zoom in the RF lineup by our reckoning is the RF 24-70mm F2.8L IS USM. This razor-sharp lens, with its professional L-series status, weather sealing and 5-stop image stabiliser is extremely versatile, is a delight to use in low light, and creates extremely attractive bokeh at wide apertures.

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